Kim Kardashian Weight Loss: See Before and After Pics

“light, action, camera!!”, a mantra reiterated so much in the mind of the diva, Kim Kardashian, that it has been inculcated in her life and is conspicuous in her every act so much so that she has been labelled a fake.

Yet she continues to walk through all the accusations, belittling and scorn with unmatchable grace and finesse and has reached the peak of fame.

When one sits to anatomize her fame, one finds exploitation of fortune, strong family connections and even marketing of herself.

The marketing pundit ingeniously uses her façade to seek attention on even the most trivial of matters.

Her omnipresence makes it hard to avoid her and one is bound to encounter her in every arena of life.

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Though there are interminable reasons for her inescapable self, the diva holds the keys to glamour and fame and leaves no platform to flaunt herself.

Kim bora bora exotic

Kim posts pictures of herself at exclusive events, fancy vacations in exotic spots or gorgeous beaches exhibiting her body with all her chutzpah and gives a glimpse and taste of glamour and luxurious lifestyle to her followers, all the while gaining herself attention.

Even if her recklessness lands her in the middle of a controversy Kim ensures its lucrative and accruing.

The business prodigy has reserved her part in the world of entrepreneurship, world of reality TV shows and magazines to being an ambassador.

Her recent self-indulgent twaddle is her weight loss.

Although she has made sure to make to the news through her obsession for weight loss on and off, this time her claim to have gained her desired weight largely through her ‘flu’ has yet once again made her a center of a controversy and has enraged many of her followers.

“The flu can be an amazing diet. So happy it came in time for the Met lol,” she wrote

Although it was most likely intended to be a joke, not causing a major stir by her actions is definitely not Kim’s style.

Kim Kardashian in all her determination to lose 70 pounds, 60 of which she gained during her pregnancy and the remaining to make up for the year before, kept her fans up to date with her entire progress through social media.

Three months after the arrival of her son i.e. March of 2016, Kim succeeded in losing 40 pounds with reaching her lowest weight by august the idèe fixe was still adamant on shedding another 5 pounds.

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With her recent weight loss, 115 pounds, which is lesser according to her initial workout plan which would’ve left her with 180 pounds, shows the queen’s obsession for an ideal body.

Though the star is bliss full at her achievement, it has gained her a backlash from fans and rightly so, for misguiding the youth and instilling fanaticism.

Kim kardashian weight lossShe has already been accused of being a fake and an outcome of surgeries and makeup, her statement and weight obsession has further got her in hot water.

Kim Kardashian maybe living a life many dream of or she makes one to dream for it, she has no idea of how much some people are affected by this.

Girls, with lack of both wisdom and means, starve themselves to achieve the ‘ideal body’ harming themselves all the while in the process.

In times where weight loss at any cost is invaluable such remarks normalizes the whole idea Though the endeavor was mainly through workouts and diet her remark would leave many praying for ‘flu’ and maybe cancer next.

Weight loss is an issue many have been fighting on a daily basis, stemming mainly from deifying celebrities or encountering bullying, it has resulted in mental illnesses too.

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Kim Kardashian Takes Drastic Measures

Kim Kardashian before and after

Weight is a personal issue and how such offhand comments may impact people negatively should be considered.

Maybe for Kim this might be thrilling but weight loss through health issues might upset those who have been battling for their lives or facing eating disorder problems.

Her candid remark perpetuates an idea that is already burgeoning and rampant. Her ostentatious displays on social media instigate materialistic ideas in the minds of youth.

Kim Kardashian Flu diet jokeOne loses the value of skills, achievements, character and opportunities and focuses of the mere issue of outward appearance which has cost many their confidence and the ability to value one-self for who he/she is.

As influential as she is, one must hope and pray that she takes a minute to evaluate her position and how she could promote good with it, bringing positive changes in people’s lives or spreading positive messages.

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